07 – 08.08.2021


presented by the Cultural Association of Paros «ARCHILOCHOS»


Arcilochos Theater
Ai Yannis Detis

The work of Euripides Trojan Women; first played in 415 BC. in Dionysia (ancient Greek festival) presented by the Cultural Association of Paros «ARCHILOCHOS». Translation by Pantelis Boukalas, directed by Nikos Synodis.


Trojan Women is the third part of the trilogy of Euripides (previous are "Alexander" and "Palamidis"). It is the pre-eminent mourning of antiquity of the defiled honor; the dishonored home; the lost homeland. It is a tragedy that captures the catastrophe of the Trojans and prepares that of the Greeks, outcome of their Hybris. The Trojan women, through the mourning, loss and destruction they experience, are female figures with morality; character; courage and kindness. The survival of these women through their loss with an extremely decent way of dealing with what is happening is grand. "Only in the Trojan Women, a special tragedy of women, almost without action, women come out of their rooms to be dragged into captivity. The men who appear; violate with their actions the female world; break down its unity and ultimately trifle inside the temple of femininity. Inherent and foremost desire of a woman is to preserve the deeper unity of the private and wider universe. Her every wish is an evolution of her fundamental desire. That whatever ruptures is punished; and the man, the politician and warrior, is a predominantly divisive presence, that’s why the woman appears contrarian of the fragmented world of men. The unity, which is the physical state of coexistence for all, serves the arts she practices, her loves and hates, motherhood, her worship events. After all, inside the one big Mother - which is nature - everything can incubate."


Translated: Pantelis Boukalas
Directed: Nikos Synodis
Επιμέλεια κίνησης: Γιώργος Γεμελιάρης
Set design: Χάρης Αργυρός
Μουσική [πρωτότυπη]: Ευτέρπη Κατσαμάτσα
Assistant to the director: Αφροδίτη Βαζάκα
Έργο αφίσας: Ελένη Φωκιανού
Φωτογραφία αφίσας: Γιάννης Λουκής
Κατασκευή κοστουμιών: Βίκυ Σκανδάλη, Μαρία Τσουκνίδα, Καλλιόπη Μαύρη
Μακιγιάζ: Βίκυ Σκανδάλη, Δημήτρης Μακράς
Κομμώσεις: Δημήτρης Μακράς
Φωτογραφίες: Στέφανος Γεωργιάδης
Βίντεο: Ασπασία Κωβαίου

Ποσειδώνας Konstantinos Sarris, Cleo Koundouraki, Eleni Fokianou, Tasos Kaparis, Nausika Kyriazanou, Maria Tsouknida, Haris Argyros, Eleni Dementzoglou, Konstantinos Aravantinos.
Αθηνά Κλειώ Κουνδουράκη
Εκάβη Ελένη Φωκιανού
Ταλθύβιος Τάσος Κάπαρης
Κασσάνδρα Ναυσικά Κυριαζάνου
Ανδρομάχη Μαρία Τσουκνίδα
Μενέλαος Χάρης Αργυρός
Ελένη Eleni Dementzoglou
Στον ρόλο του μικρού Αστυάνακτα ο Κωνσταντίνος Αραβαντινός.

Katerina Kanna, Yota Kanioglou, Evdokia Sapka, Markella Mantzourani, Zacharoula Babiri, Maria Sifnaiou, Aglaia Paraskeva, Dimitra Tziovili, Katerina Argyrou.

Konstantinos Sarris, Menelaos Hasouris, Dimitris Giorgaros.
Afroditi Vazaka: flute.


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