A peninsula which has traces of the Aegean

The Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros is located within the Ai Yiannis Detis peninsula, an area which covers 80 hectares of an authentic Cycladic setting with impressive rock formations, caves, hidden coves, and beaches with crystal clear waters.

Throughout the peninsula there are traces of the history of the Aegean which include a prehistoric settlement, the post-Byzantine monastery of Ai Yiannis, and remnants of the headquarters of the Russian fleet which were located on the peninsula during the Russo-Turkish War (1768-1774).


This period in the history of Paros is commonly referred to as the “Orlofika” which was taken from the name of the Russian Admiral in charge of the fleet, Count Alexey Orlof. From 1770 to 1775 the peninsula of Ai Yiannis Detis was chosen to be the location for the base of the Russian fleet due to its strategic location and its safe harbor. At one time the Russian Archipelago Squadron of Count Alexey Orlov had 42 ships in the bay of Naousa, the majority of them anchored in the peninsula of Ai Yiannis.