Monastery Ai-Yiannis – Aloni tis Syras – Lighthouse

Total Length 1.920 m, 45 min. (NON-STOP)

Route 1 is all about the spectacular cliff top views along the north western coast of the peninsular of the Paros Park.
The path starts from the courtyard of the monastery of Agios Yiannis.
A signpost marking the entrance to this scenic walking path walking path is clearly visible on the opposite side of the road from the ancient monastery of Agios Yiannis.
From here the path snakes gently across the narrow isthmus joining The Park to the rest of Paros before taking a right turn to follow the rocky coastline.


Total Length 1.920 m

45 min. (NON-STOP)

«Fantastic hiking trails with great views. Go to the lighthouse and follow the red trail to the nearby mountain top to get a stunning view of the island.»

Andrey Gloukhoff a year ago

The walking route is clearly bordered by small white stones which guide walkers through a series of twists and turns gently uphill, crossing a small dry-stone bridge , typically Cycladic in nature, before arriving back on the coast, high above the sea in the area of Syra’s Peak.
Here Route 1 splits into two paths. The (blue) main route continues along the cliff-tops with incredible views all along the western coast of Paros, whilst the (red) sub-route, also clearly marked by small red circles with yellow ‘1’s, heads up to Syra’s Peak itself.
From this high point there are spectacular views across the Aegean to Syros, Sifnos, Serifos and beyond.
The red route also acts as a short cut, re-joining the main blue path just before another sub-route (No.6) breaks away to pass through ‘The Rock Park’, an area of wierd and wonderful natural rock formations sculpted by millennia of wind and waves.

Route 6 re-joins route 1 after 10 minutes or so and from here the lighthouse is clearly visible across a stretch of deep blue and turquoise water.
The walking path here gently climbs around the edge of the bay before arriving at the north western tip of the island upon which at a height of 10 metres sits the still working lighthouse.
From the lighthouse Mykonos, Delos, Tinos, Syros and Naxos as well as most of the northern coast of Paros are visible.
Underneath the lighthouse there is a small cave, a perfect place to shelter on windy days and enjoy the view.