Catholicos Beach – Lighthouse Korakas

Total Length 1.050 m, 25 min. (NON-STOP)

Route 2 is a short walk of around 15 minutes from the Catholicos Beach across the rugged countryside of The Park to the lighthouse at Koraka. The walking path starts from just behind the cafe on the left hand of the sand of The Park’s main beach. It is clearly sign-posted with a yellow 2 inside a small blue circle and is bordered by small white stones. Route 2 heads between the two small peaks which shelter the area from prevailing winds, curving and weaving gently uphill before passing around a small hill at which point, suddenly on the left, the lighthouse comes into view. From here it is a gentle walk through undulating countryside, outside of the summer months, filled with flowers and green bushes, before the path joins Route 1 and continues up to Koraka and its’ impressive lighthouse which stands at a high of 10 metres and is clearly visible for a distance of over 60 metres.


Total Length 1.050 m

25 min. (NON-STOP)

«Nice place for a hike. Vegetation is overgrown in a few places. Trails are very well marked. Decent views from the top, but can be very windy.»

Svetoslav Tsolov a year ago