Botanical Garden

In the eyes of the nature lover, the whole Park is a Botanical Garden. Since 2009, when the peninsula of Ai Yiannis was rescued from overgrazing, numerous Cycladic native plants have appeared in the scarce soil.
The idea was simple: to create pockets of biodiversity and showcase the rich flora of the Cyclades, to invite the visitor to the Park to discov- er this wealth and recognize its importance.

We made a beginning, near the entrance to the “Archilochos” Theater in a degraded area, which had served as an impromptu parking lot. We created traditional stone-walled terraces made by a Parian craftsman. We planted sage and thyme, savory and vitex, sea fennel and sea daffodil. A rainy winter worked in our favor along with many Paros professionals who supported the project and the Cyclades Preservation Fund, which shares with us the vision of reviving Cycladic nature and creating a different model of tourism development.
More than 50 species of Parian plants are currently growing in our garden, adjacent to the wider area where planting has been taking place in the last ten years, and which covers an area of approximately ten hectares. This may be the first Botanical Garden of the Cyclades, an ecological sanctuary, a tourist attraction, an open school of na- ture. We hope to see it fully realized in the next ten years of Park life.