Paros Park Walking Paths

A whole world of island nature and history opens up to the walker on the 7-km walking-trail network, crisscrossing the peninsula: rock formations, caves, hidden bays, the small post-Byzantine monastery of Ai Yannis, the 18th century old Russian gun-batter- ies at Cape Tourkos, the 19th century old lighthouse at the north- ernmost point of Paros. Then, there are also the stunning views to the Aegean and the nearby islands, Mykonos, Delos, Tinos, Naxos, the sunset some- where between Syros, Serifos and Sifnos, when you decide to rest at Alonaki. A trail map, available in print and on the internet, helps you ex- plore the prominent and hidden beauty of the Ai Yannis Detis peninsula along seven marked walking routes. During the summer months, the walks are easier in the morning and afternoon, while in spring, autumn or winter, any time is suit- able exploring the trails or taking part in environmental, sports or other volunteer activities happening in the Park. The walking trails were designed following the steps of anonymous walkers who have walked the peninsula of Ai Yannis for many years.

When building the trails, K. Zarokostas, who was responsible for the design, had to cross a passage flooded with water. Giannis Koulianos, a ship engineer, photographer, intelligent craftsman, commited to the Park’s endeavor since the beginning, undertook the construction of a small bridge with stones collected in the area. In a small ceremony in September 2019 organised by Naias, we named this spot ‘Koulianos Bridge’, to express our gratitude for Giannis’ contribution in the Park.